Even though I’m pretty smart when researching products and services,
 nothing prepared me for the plethora of information about Medicare options.
 Matthew helped me navigate the ‘Medicare maze’, and I’m so glad that I met

Niel L.

Miami, FL

When it comes to choosing a Medicare Health Plan for a “Baby Boomer” like me, I couldn’t have done it without you! He found the correct plan that fit all my requirements. Obtaining the right Medicare Health Plan is not an easy task for any of us. That’s why I totally recommend working with Medicare Matt.

Marilyn M.

Coral Gables, FL

As a certified financial planner, I strive to assist my clients with a wide variety of their needs. I have referred numerous clients to Matthew Gold throughout the years and he has proven to be an invaluable resource. Knowledgeable, experienced, high-level of service. His guidance and step-by-step assistance has been incredibly helpful to my clients and I.

Laura S.

Certified Financial Planner

I was introduced to Matt on the Friday before I was scheduled for surgery on Monday. After a brief conversation, Matt understood my situation and my urgency. He explained that without a Medicare Supplement plan I would be responsible for at least 20 percent of my medical bills. He reviewed the various plan options with me so I could choose a plan that best suited my health issues and lifestyle needs. By day’s end, Matt had completed the paperwork, brought it to me for signature, turned it in and confirmed my enrollment. Without Matt, I wouldn’t have been enrolled in time for my surgery and would have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. I can’t say enough about Matt Gold, his knowledge, thoroughness, calming manner and ability to get things done. He went above and beyond and I am forever grateful.

Kenneth B.

Fort Myers, FL